I'm a web developer with experience building web sites, web applications and such. My skills include but are not limited to JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, MooTools, Dojo, PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, SQL Server, graphic design, web standards, hand-coded html, xhtml, html5.

I draw and swim. I used to love collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown.

I live in San Diego, California, United States of America.

You might know me from Los Angeles, San Diego, Moorpark, Simi Valley, or Roanoke. (Or, more rarely, Alhambra, Koreatown, Manila, New Orleans, Charlottesville).

You might also know me through the Crawford or Silva families. I am blessed to have met (2002) and married (2004) an astounding partner, Leah Roberts Peterson (and rarely Crawford). I'm stepdad to 4 similarly astounding kids currently scattered across the US. My parents? I love my Dad and miss my Mom.


Latest photos.

  • My helper bots this week. It's been a busy week. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Jojo is high energy this morning. Good energy in the office today.
  • Capitalism made this.  Capitalism is so weird.   (from Friday)
  • The very humble tie I got at AmVets for $4.95 for Joker cosplay is GETTING IT DONE today.
  • I can't remember the last time Mr. William Gibson wrote proper SF. If he's going to write it I'll read it.
  • Vintage license place letters and vintage earrings at Kobey?s Swap Meet.
  • Vintage license place letters and vintage earrings at Kobey?s Swap Meet.
  • Laundry Mirrored.
  • Mink? Ferret? Other?
  • Personality Comics Presents Paula Abdul. I'm pretty pleased with this $0.25 purchase.
  • Mrs Claus.
  • 14.
  • Date night has transmogrified into fabrics night.
  • Goof.
  • These robots fell down because of a stray hacky sack. Chad and I are still terrible (or I am), but we're better than a month ago!
  • Fruit & Robots.
  • JCPenney / J Penney
  • Jojo & the Cow toy.
  • much clouds wow
  • Transitory.