I'm a web developer with experience building web sites, web applications and such. My skills include but are not limited to JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, MooTools, Dojo, PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, SQL Server, graphic design, web standards, hand-coded html, xhtml, html5.

I draw and swim. I used to love collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown.

I live in San Diego, California, United States of America.

You might know me from Los Angeles, San Diego, Moorpark, Simi Valley, or Roanoke. (Or, more rarely, Alhambra, Koreatown, Manila, New Orleans, Charlottesville).

You might also know me through the Crawford or Silva families. I am blessed to have met (2002) and married (2004) an astounding partner, Leah Roberts Peterson (and rarely Crawford). I'm stepdad to 4 similarly astounding kids currently scattered across the US. My parents? I love my Dad and miss my Mom.


Latest photos.

  • The half order of salmon and bagel is not kidding around
  • I love these women, I love those smiles. (Rehearsal day)
  • This is a Monday I could get used to.
  • Alexandra giving Ashlyn some tips on her job (Rehearsal afternoon)
  • Alexandra's Bridesmaids were lovely and did their jobs very well.
  • Eagerly and patiently awaiting (from Saturday)
  • Road trip photos
  • Donner Pass.
  • Every backyard in Homewood seems to have trees like this.
  • Easter Neighborhood Stroll
  • Photo booths are go!
  • Beautiful day.
  • Plan for the afternoon and evening.
  • Neighborhood of the day
  • Goofballs of luv. Rehearsing up a storm.
  • Road trips are better with awesome folks.
  • Sacramento really is a city of trees.
  • Agenda: California northbound.
  • Vacation time.