I'm a web developer with experience building web sites, web applications and such. My skills include but are not limited to JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, MooTools, Dojo, PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, SQL Server, graphic design, web standards, hand-coded html, xhtml, html5.

I draw and swim. I used to love collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown.

I live in San Diego, California, United States of America.

You might know me from Los Angeles, San Diego, Moorpark, Simi Valley, or Roanoke. (Or, more rarely, Alhambra, Koreatown, Manila, New Orleans, Charlottesville).

You might also know me through the Crawford or Silva families. I am blessed to have met (2002) and married (2004) an astounding partner, Leah Roberts Peterson (and rarely Crawford). I'm stepdad to 4 similarly astounding kids currently scattered across the US. My parents? I love my Dad and miss my Mom.


Latest photos.

  • ROBOT-7 is a wind-up tin toy from I think the mid-90s. He's a replica of an older toy. I love him and he was a surprise gift from my pal Erin aka @missewon ... Expect more photos when he joins my toy robot army tomorrow at work! Thanks EW!
  • Star Wars board game from 1982 is terrible. @missewon found it. Destined to be donated to Goodwill.
  • Penny again. @leah7peah and I had brunch with her owner @missewon then Ghostbusters in the theater! SUPERDELIGHTFULMORN!
  • Penny! (Belongs to my pal @missewon) super sweet new gato!
  • Universal Studios. Dad and me. I'm probably two years old. That's my NOPE face.
  • March 1971. That's me in the sailor suit with my aunt Joan and my folks.
  • Midnight Show Joe. For Ghost in the Shell.
  • Teri & Lee! Having wonderful pho with my cousin and his lovely girlfriend. Feeling lucky!
  • Tea @ Blue Dragon Tea House ... Beginning of an artistic tea
  • Tea @ Blue Dragon Tea House
  • It could be a great day, you ever think of that?
  • The retreat crew from sunset last night.
  • Whistling at sunset near the Cove. Big swell.
  • Drawing is a pastime.
  • Easter & Halloween, cast off to better homes via Salvation Army drop off. Melancholy.
  • Fashion Valley Morning
  • Walkies. Now playing: Eliza Doolittle (the Brit pop star not My Fair Lady)
  • I try to donate when they come to my building but it's too soon since Comic Con. Mid September: B+.
  • Dewy golf course in the morning. Serene. Less mystified by popularity of that pastime.
  • Changing the ink cartridge on the moving bus was probably foolhardy. But I live on the edge Dottie.