I'm a web developer with experience building web sites, web applications and such. My professional skills include but are not limited to JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, MooTools, Dojo, PHP, MySQL, ColdFusion, SQL, XSL, WordPress theming & plugins, graphic design, web standards, hand-coded html, xhtml, html5.

I draw and swim. I used to love collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown.

I live in San Diego, California, United States of America.

You might know me from Los Angeles, San Diego, Moorpark, Simi Valley, or Roanoke. (Or, more rarely, Alhambra, Koreatown, Manila, New Orleans, Charlottesville).

You might also know me through the Crawford or Silva families.

I collect robots.

I'm with Leah. I'm stepdad to 4, grandparent to 1, uncle to many. My parents? I love my Dad and miss my Mom.

I like meeting new people.


Latest photos.

  • Vinz Clortho & the Gatekeeper look great! #sdcc #ghostbusters
  • Experimenting with Friday's makeup. #SDCC
  • Glove upgrade for Q "post apocalyptic judge" cosplay. #qcontinuum #cosplay #sdcc
  • Rework of a drawing from @drsketchysd in 2015: Rogue Debonair tribute to Bettie Page. Unemployment means continuing to learn using @procreateapp. And of course looking forward to #SDCC
  • Rollin with @missewon yesterday.
  • San Diego bus riding cartoon portraits. Finished with @procreateapp #sandiego by @artlung
  • Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital: great van!
  • Pride Weekend San Diego 2017 #sandiego #pride #drawing #spacesuit #procreate
  • Oh look more coloring practice with @procreateapp #drawing #alien
  • More coloring practice. Drawing by me 30 years ago. @procreateapp #drawing #cyberpunk
  • More coloring practice with @procreateapp on a cowgirl drawing from 2014. #cowgirl #drawing
  • Coloring practice in @procreateapp with an old #inktober drawing.
  • Negora ??? by Konatsu! Who doesn't love a Catzilla?
  • Long may it wave ??:rainbow:
  • I believe this Toast is French.
  • David 2.06. Happy 4th. May Freedom & & Equal Justice Under Law prevail, always.
  • Independence Day.
  • Mysterio, Spider-Man, Gamora, Vision, T'Challa. (not pictured: lots more)
  • She does not hate putting on and taking off the sunglasses.
  • father & son (yesterday)